Cash Telex  (CTLX) is a 2nd chance for those who missed bitcoin (BTC) in 2010

Cash Telex #1 Gold Mining Facility ICO Round starts in


Worth of CTLX Coins
Softcap in 8 days
Once Cash Telex Gold Mining Facility ICO Round starts then you will see deposit address here

Please send only Bitcoin to this address. Once payment is done please use this form to submit your proof of payment -- submit your proof of payment using this url

CASHTELEX 1GMF Round: 1 CTLX = $ 0.77

Join First Cash Telex Gold Mining Facility ICO Round

Assets Backed Coin

  • Gold
  • Diamond
  • Silver
  • Real estate

Guaranteed to Win Our (PoWL) Algorithm

  • Safety, privacy coin
  • Our Proof of Wealth (PoWL) algorithm

Daily Dividends for Investors

  • Daily dividends paid to investors (80%)
  • Mobile Money supported Exchange
  • Debit Card

Investors Lifetime Packages

  • Diamond    5000  CTLX   (Mining )
  • GOLD          1000  CTLX   (Mining )
  • Silver           100  CTLX      (Mining )
  • Real estate  10000  CTLX  ( long term )
Our Core

What is CTLX Coin?

Cash Telex Dynamic Diversified Fund Solution is to back the CTLX coin, and is directly pegged to real assets (Gold, Diamond, Silver and Real Estate).

Investors can benefit from various services provided by Cash Telex Ecosystem.

The Cash telex initial purchase of assets from the fund collected during the ICO will provide a foundation and it will continue to reinvest those funds from the collected fee from Loans, exchange transactions and Debit Cards fees issued to customers. All of these services will be in a form of CTLX and that will give guaranteed demands for CTLX coins. 

Cash Telex Services including the following.   

  • Cash Telex Loans,
  • Gold Mining 
  • Financial Services
  • Exchange CTLX with Gold in Cash Telex World Wide Offices 
  • Global Payment
  • Private Transactions
  • Our aim is to reach market capitalization of $ 300 MILLION by 2020.
Coin Sale


Start: December 10, 2018, Monday, 11:00 AM (GMT)
Hard cap: $2m
Soft cap: $1m
Coin: CTLX
Total Supply: 84,000,000 CTLX
Total on Sale: 4,000,000 CTLX
Available for Mining: 80,000,000 CTLX
Premined Coins : 0 CTLX
CTLX Mining Status :
Exchange rate: Fourth Round: 1 CTLX = $ 0.77
Project protocol: SCRIPT

Payment Methods : BTC

There are THREE ways to acquire CTLX:

Coin Structure

CTLX Coin Distribution

  • 100 % Distributed to Community

  • 0% Reserved Funding

  • 0% Founders and Team

  • 0% Advisors

  • 0% "Bounty" campaign